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N-Ethylaniline (MEAN)

used as chemical intermediate for the production of dyes and gun powder. Also used for the synthesis of organic chemicals.

Synonyms: Anilinoethane, N-Ethylaminobenzene, Ethyl aniline, N-Ethylbenzenamine, Ethyl phenylamine, Monoethyl aniline


- High purity - Could be used in many segments

Ideal for:

Dyes manufacture: chemical intermediate for dyes
Arms industry: gun powder stabilizer
Organic synthesis: curing accelerator for unsaturated polyester resins


Chemical composition: Aromatic amine
Appearance: Colouress or even yellowish, oily liquid, which turns to red even brown upon exposure to light and oxygen.
Transport and packaging: in road tank car, 1000l nonreturnable IBC, 216l nonreturnable steel drums