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Dicyclohexylamine (DCHA)

used in the production of special chemicals such as corrosion inhibitors and rubber accelerators.

Synonyms: N-Cyclohexanamine, N-Cyclohexylcyclohexanamine, N,N-Dicyclohexylamine, Dodecahydrodiphenylamine, Perhydrodiphenylamine


- Could be used in many segments
- Readily soluble in common organic solvents

Ideal for:

Rubber industry: substance for lubricants
Dyes manufacture: dyes manufacture, paper dyes
Other: intermediate organic chemicals, substance for lubricants, metal working fluids, polymer preparation and compounds


Chemical composition: Nonaromatic amine
Appearance: is a clear, colourless or even yellow liquid with characteristic amine odour
Transport and packaging: in road tank car, rail tank car, 1000 l nonreturnable IBC, 216 l nonreturnable steel drums