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Cyclohexylamine (CHA)

used for the production of rubber chemicals, in artificial sweeteners and for the treatment of feed water for steam boilers.

Synonyms: Aminocyclohexane, Aminohexahydrobenzene, Cyclohexanamine, Hexahydroaniline, Hexahydrobenzenamine


- Could be used in many segments
- Completely miscible with water and with all common organic solvents, including alcohols, ethers, ketones, esthers, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and chlorinated aliphatic and aromatics hydrocarbons

Ideal for:

Rubber industry: preparation of vulcanisation accelerator
Food industry (beverages): production of artificial sweeteners (cyclamates)
Water treatment indurstry: corrosion inhibitor for boiler water treatment (incl. food contact except milk prods.)
Pharmacy: mucolytics, analgesics, bronchodilators
Others: intermediate in organic synthesis, production of plasticizers, dyes, textile chemicals, process solvent, neutralizer


Chemical composition: Saturated alicyclic amine
Appearance: CHA is a clear, colourless or even yellow liquid with fishy odour, very welll soluble in water and organic solvents
Transport and packaging: in road tank car, rail tank car, 1000 l nonreturnable IBC, 216 l nonreturnable steel drums