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widely used as the basic substance (precursor) for MDI production. MDI is an original semi-finished material used in PU production. Aniline is also used for the production of rubber chemicals and, on a smaller scale, for the production of dyes, pharmaceuticals and other chemical substances.

Synonyms: Aminobenzene, Aminophen, Benzenamine, Phenylamine


- High purity
- One of the most important organic chemical raw materials
- Ideal to produce aromatic and heterocyclic compounds
- Excellent accelerator (e.g. rubber vulcanization)

Ideal for:

Rubber industry: production of accelerator, production of special additives, production of antioxidants
Dye industry: production of dyes and pigments
Pharmacy: pharmaceuticals intermediate
Polyurethane: isocyanates for urethane foams
Agriculture: herbicides, fungicides


Chemical composition: Aniline is the prototypical aromatic amine.
Appearance: Aniline is a colourless, yellowish or even light re-brown liquid with fishy odour.
Transport and packaging: in road tank car, rail tank car, 1000 l nonreturnable IBC, 216 l nonreturnable steel drums,