Integrated management system: Environment

Our environmental standards are regularly assessed and strictly monitored with regard to gas emissions, water usage, waste production and waste water pollution levels.

Since 1998 we have held the “Responsible Care – Responsible Business Activities in Chemistry” certificate, awarded by the Association of the Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic. In 2016 we received this certifacate for the eight time. 

In 2006 we received the Sustainable Development Certificate. This was awarded by the Association of the Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic in recognition of our ongoing efforts to balance economic, environmental and social levels. All our production technologies comply with best available techniques (BAT) and have received integrated permits.
In compliance with the requirement regarding the “ongoing improvement” of the management system,
the company incurred approximately 54 % of the aggregate investment costs in environmental protection and improvements in safety, including fire protection and occupational safety and health protection in 2018.
The company took preventive measures leading to a decrease in waste water  pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, raw material and energy demands and improvements in the process safety of the technologies in use.

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